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The OikosInvest Foundation (OF) focuses on values-driven impact investing through equities and debts, with a focus on Africa and Asia. It also includes donations for innovative initiatives. OF is a new foundation, founded in September 2020. It is based in Geneva/Switzerland and registered as a Swiss not-for-profit foundation.

The Website will be available in autumn 2021. In the meantime, you already find below the mission and objectives of the foundation as formulated in the Foundation Statutes and By-laws:


People live in a sustainable world where they can implement their right to food, water, healthcare, education, protection and shelter, equality and prosperity. The foundation supports faith-based and values-driven organisations, who actively support this vision, in an attitude of ecumenical and interfaith openness and cooperation.


The objectives of the Foundation are

  1. to promote ethical and sustainable investments in projects, especially
    • The support of projects of faith-based and values-driven partners;
    • The support of projects in agriculture/food/water, health, education, environment and financial institutions;
    • The support of projects in other sectors as needed;
    • The support of projects in Africa and Asia and on all continents possible;
    • The promotion of ethical scientific research;
    • The promotion of ethics in economy, finance and investments;
    • The promotion of innovative technologies for these objectives;
    • The production and sales of goods and services deriving from above;
  2. to guarantee the efficiency, quality and values-implementation of the projects.

Foundation Board

The International Board of the OikosInvest Foundation is composed of

  • Prof Dr Dr h.c. Christoph St├╝ckelberger, Switzerland, President, Professor of Economic Ethics
  • Dr. Solomon Nwaka, Switzerland, Scientist, Innovation Specialist for Public Health for WHO, African Union and others
  • Dr. Bright Mawudor, member, Kenya/Ghana, Finance Expert and Deputy General Secretary of the All Africa Conference of Churches
  • Ms Joy Cadangen, Treasurer, Philippines/Switzerland, International Account and Development Expert


The Headquarter of the OikosInvest Foundation is placed in Geneva. The staff of the dynamic team is in the process of being hired.

Investment Projects

Many values-driven investment projects have already been submitted to the Foundation, especially from Africa. They are in the process of analysis and consideration. Due to the delay in availabilityof the substantial endownment capital, the foundation will be operational in 2022.


Prof Dr Dr h.c. Christoph St├╝ckelberger, President OikosInvest Foundation. stueckelberger@president.foundation +41 79 419 68 12.